Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Element

Day 45 of 365 Tiny Changes

I’m back!  I have been cloistered at my parents’ home for the last two weeks, redecorating the bedroom where I spent my pre-teenage and teenage years.

While there, I leaned several things. 

First. I can’t paint over a mural of giant Care Bears, that I painted for my children, 27 years ago, without family upheaval.  Especially, from the two youngest generations, who have no memory of anything else ever being in that room.  Oh, the tragedy of it all.

Second.  I actually began doing interior design work including, planning, choosing colors, fabrics, and wallpaper, right in this room.  I even designed a massive book shelve unit, complete with a drop down desk, and hired a contractor (my Dad) to complete it.  As contractors go, my choice wasn’t the best, because the drop down desk part was never installed.  I based by choice on convenience and price.  So I even made my first hiring mistake, in this room.  I was 15.

Third.  I found my Element.  I put in 160 hours in two weeks, and loved every minute of it.  I barely slept, because I needed to get on to the next part of the design.  I only laid down when my body couldn’t take it any more, but my mind kept right on working through the night.  With the exception of 2 1/2 days, I was alone.  My parent’s had gone to Florida.  I never missed the company.  When I’m in my Element, time, space, and other people, don’t exist.  It is all about the creating.

In this very room I dabbled in my Element, 35 years ago.  In this very room I discovered my true calling, Interior  Design.

I have been doing interior design work off and on, well, since I was 15 years old.  More seriously, though I have been doing it for the last 3 years.  No paying jobs though, all for self and family.

I actually left my paying job a year and a half ago to focus on starting an Interior Design company, but I have been side tracked, and I realize now, by no other reason than my own fear.

I’m afraid I don’t know how to BE and Interior Designer.  I think there must be something more to it, then just the parts I’m familiar with, or else every one would be doing it.

I’m afraid I won’t know how to handle a client properly.  What if what I think of and what they think I think of aren’t the same and they don’t like what I think of?

I’m afraid that no one will hire me.  How do I find the client’s and how do I convince them I know what I’m doing, when maybe I don’t.

On and on and Fear, has a very powerful, and loud, voice.  And it’s always so near right inside my head.

So what was that I wrote a few blogs back about living without fear?  I think it went something like, JUST DO IT!

After spending the last 2 weeks totally submersed in my Element, I am ready to move forward.  (Shut up, Voice of Fear.  I am too, ready!  Really, enough, already.  Jeez!) 

We are purchasing some new photography equipment, lighting and the like.  I am going to use this to take photos of my recent design work and build my portfolio.  (Looks like a trip to Washington, D.C. is in my future.)  That’s probably the best place to start. 

Then there’s the web site, and the LLC, and the insurance, and the Chamber of Commerce, and the list goes on and on...there is a lot to this entrepreneurial stuff.  All of this before I get to delve in to my Element again.  What a busy week this is going to be!

Tiny Change 45:  I am going BE an Interior Designer. 

What would you be doing, if you were doing the thing you were meant to do, the thing that would make you forget about time, space, and other people?  What is your Element?

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to be able to choose my career path.

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  1. You ought to talk to my friend heather at the wedding, she actually went to school for interior design and interned at an interior design company for a period of time. She may have some pointers from the field :)