Friday, February 24, 2012


Day 53 of 365 Tiny Changes

Have you ever been driving along, talking on the phone, or listening intently to music, or even completely lost in your thoughts, only to come to, look around, and proclaim, “Crap, this is NOT where I want to be!”

What do you do?  Do you pull off to the side of the road and turn your car off?  Do you call your family and friends and tell them that you won’t be there because you’re not where you thought you should be?

I’m guessing, you either know where you want to be and make the proper turns to get back on the right road to get there, or if you do pull off, it’s to reprogram your GPS, or call for proper directions, so that when you start out again you know exactly where you’re going.

How about if you’re sitting at the kitchen table, and you see your kids playing outside, and you think about how much fun it would be to join them, realizing that sitting at the kitchen table isn’t where you want to be.  Do you continue to sit there and watch them, or do you get up and join them in their fun?  I’m assuming, you would get up and go outside to play.

What about if you go to work every day and do what you consider to be the rudiments of your job, then go home, eat dinner, then sit in front of the TV for hours, all the while thinking,  "This isn’t where I want to be in life."  What do you do?

I know what you do.  You just sit there.  Don’t you?

Why, when you aren’t at the location you are trying to get to, do you keep driving?  Why, if you see fun, do you move to join in?  Little things, right?

Then why, when it comes to the biggest thing of all, your life, you don’t move.  You just sit there.

You’re going to tell me that when you’re driving you have a final destination, or you would never gotten into your car in the first place.

You’re going to tell me that if you hadn’t witnessed the fun others were having, you never would have wanted to get up from the kitchen table. 

You’re going to tell me that you don’t know what you want out of life, you just know this isn’t it, so why get up from in front of the TV.

I call Bull Shit! 

You know exactly what you want. 

You either don’t believe you deserve it, or you’ve stuffed it so far down inside you that you’ve forgotten what it is.

Why?!  This is your LIFE!  You deserve everything you want or have ever wanted.

Why have you decided you don’t deserve it or will never have it?

Well, stop it!

Here’s what I believe.  I believe you have to believe.  You have to believe that you deserve the life you want.  You have to believe that you can have the life that you want. 

I mean really BELIEVE.  BELIEVE with all your heart and soul.  BELIEVE it with every fiber of your being.

Then you have to go out and get it.

Yes, it’s that simple.

But first, you might want to examine what it is you really want. 

If it’s a new Jaguar, what is it about the Jaguar that you want.  It’s probably not the engine and the leather seats that you really want.  It’s probably the feeling of freedom you imagine you’ll have while speeding down the highway.  It may be the statement you perceive you’ll be making when others see you driving it, something like, “Hey look at me, in my new Jaguar.  I’ve arrived!”

If you want to take a vacation, to get away from it all.  Is it the new venue or is it the sense of adventure or the sense of peace and tranquility you would get from the type of vacation you are imagining?

Is it a bigger home you want?  Is it for the increased space or is it the dream of the perfect, loving, tight knit, family that you feel the home will produce?

I believe that many of the material things we wish we had are really our manifestations of our emotions.  Some where along the line we decided that we don’t deserve to feel free,  or have adventures, or a perfect family, unless we have the new car, are taking vacations to beautiful parts of the world, or have that McMansion.

I’m not saying that those things aren’t great to have, because I would love to have every one of them.  I do waiver between an adventurous vacation and a peaceful and tranquil vacation, though.

What I’m saying is that you may not need all of these material things to obtain the emotional fulfillment you are really looking for.

I am even going to be daring and say that you may even be able to get some of these emotions while sitting in front of the TV.  Yes, I said it.  TV does not have to be the wasteland of the mind.  If given proper reverence, the TV could be your gateway to the perfect family time.

Imagine, all of you cuddled close in front of the TV, in your PJ’s, with big bowls of popcorn, lights off, watching the movie you were so excited to see again, after all these years.  This time, to share it with the people you love the most.  Does that sound like the perfect loving, tight knit family, or what?

How about the adventurous vacation?  Do you really need to get far away to find adventure?  Have you researched all the adventures you can find close to home, on a Sunday afternoon? 

I live in a mid-sized city.  Near me are rock climbing walls, ghost hunting tours, sky diving schools, and hot air balloon rides.  All of these sound pretty adventurous to me.  Oh yeah, there’s even a Zip Line Adventure I purchased for my self, my Significant Other, and my Grandson, as a Christmas present.  Adventure is where you look for it.

If you really need the great car to feel that sense of arrival, but can’t afford the purchase price, well then maybe you can rent it for the weekend.  Then just get it in and drive your ya-ya’s out.  Make sure you give everyone you know a ride in it.  That way you get to see their surprise when you drive up, and feel the freedom as you wave good-bye when you drop them off.

Your life is happening now.  Right now!  If you aren’t truly living it, you may be missing your entire lifetime.  This moment is what you have.  Tomorrow is not promised.   Get up, get going, and LIVE!

Tiny Change 53:  I will not spend more than an hour a day in unplanned TV time.

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to be able to recognize my blessings.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Are You, and Why Are You Here?

Day 52 of 365 Tiny Changes

An infant is born into this world, and immediately upon arrival is met by a rather intimidating woman.  This woman looks ancient to the infant, and some what weather worn.

“Who are you?  And what are you doing here?”  The woman demands.

The infant, not yet knowing what fear or intimidation are, looks around and answers, “I was hoping you would be able to tell me.  I’ve never been here before and haven’t had time to figure it all out, yet.  From your lack of welcoming, I guess I’m on my own in that department.”

The woman answers back gruffly,  “Yep, it’s all on you.  I’ve been here to meet about 6 billion other infants, and they all seem to have the same reply as you.  Well, get to it then, but mind you, I’ll be back for your answer to my question.

So the infant moves on through life, discovering what infants discover, and learning what infants learn, until they become toddlers.  The toddler, half expects the old woman to stop in for a visit, but she never appears.

When the toddler has advanced to a small child and is ready to attend Kindergarten, it's very excited.  While standing in the line for the bus on the first day of school, it is, again, approached by the old haggard woman.

“So, who are you and what are you doing here?” she asks.

“Well, you see, I’ve been working on that question for 5 years now.  I think the answer is just on the other side of this bus ride.  I’m going to start school.  My parents tell me that I will learn all kinds of things there.  I’m assuming the answer to your question will be one of those things.”

“You don’t say.” comments the woman while looking deep into the child's eyes.  “Well, get on with it then, and mind you, I’ll be back to get my answer.”  Off she goes, and is quickly lost from view in the crowd of anxious students and parents waiting for the bus.

The child embraces becoming a student.  Learning all the things the teachers teach.  Advancing, year after year, through primary school.

On the eve of the first day of high school, the student is preparing for the new responsibilities that this higher level of learning will bring, when there is a knock on the window.  The student looks out and sees, that after 10 years, the old woman is back. 

The window is opened to hear her ask, “So tell me student, who are you and why are you here?

The student is prepared this time.  “Well old woman, I am ME.”

“And who are YOU?” she retorts.

“I am ME, a child of my parents, a student of my school, and a friend to my friends.”

“Yeah, and?  Is that supposed to answer my question?  Maybe you need to go on to high school and get some more education.  You still have a lot to learn.”  And she stomps off into the night.

The student, continues with the education.  After high school, college is attended.  All the while looking for the answer to the questions the old woman posed, hoping that the answer will be found before the old woman appears again.

After graduating from college, a job is procured.  On the first day of the new job, while waiting at a stop light in rush hour traffic,  the old woman pulls open the passenger door and climbs in.

“So, I see you’ve completed your education and have found a place of employment.”

The newly graduated and employed turns to her with a puffed up chest and answers, “Absolutely, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would reach this point in my life.”

So, the craggy old woman asks, “Well then, who are you, and what are you doing here?”

The answer comes quickly and with great confidence, “I am a college graduate, and I am going to set the world on fire in my line of work.”

The old woman, shakes her head slowly from side to side, in what appears to be a disappointed manner.  “ There have been many before you with the same belief and there will be many after, I’m sure.  But that does not answer my question.”  At the next stop light she gets out of the car and disappears into the rushing crowds on the side walk.

The years pass, the newly employed is promoted to a position of great authority and along the way meets the person that will become the life partner.  A wedding ensues, and the the first child is born.

On the evening that the child is brought home, while sitting alone in the nursery, rocking the child, the new parent is again visited by the old woman.

“Are you here to pose your question to my child?” the new parent asks.

The old woman looks lovingly upon the child and answers, “No, your child and I have had our conversation.  I am here to tell you that you have no worries with this child.  This child already knows who it is and why it was put here on earth.  You are a very lucky parent to have been given a child with such wisdom.”

“I am here to pose my question to you.  Who are you?  Why are you here?”

Thoughtfully, the new parent looks down at the infant.  Slowly, the new parent turns to the old woman.  “How is it, that the child already knows the answer to your question, and I don’t?”

“Some are born knowing, and others die never discovering the answer.  It’s the way of the universe,”  she answers.  “I assure you, the answer is available to you.  You must make yourself available to the answer.”   With this she is gone.

The new parent focuses on the responsibilities of raising the new child.  The new parent also focuses on the responsibilities of being a spouse and an employee.  The child grows up and moves out into the world to live their purpose.

Over the years, many things change and many things stay the same.  The new parent ages into a grandparent, and eventually is left to live alone when the spouse passes away.  After retirement, there is a lot of time given to introspection, and reflection.

One fine, summer afternoon, while sitting on the front porch, drinking a glass of sweet tea, the retiree is once again visited by the old women. 

After all these years she still looks the same.  She has always looked old and weather worn, but she doesn't look any more so than she ever has in the past.  The retiree has a fleeting thought of wonder at how this is possible.

The old woman sits down and joins the retiree for a glass of sweet tea.  Together, in comfortable silence, they watch the world go by.  After a bit, the retiree turns to the old woman and asks, “So, do you want the answer to your questions?”

The old woman replies, “If you’re ready to give them to me.”

“I am”, states the retiree. 

“Well then, who are you?” asks the old woman.

“I am you”, answers the retiree.  “I am me.  I have no beginning and no end.  Though it may appear that my life has a beginning a middle and an end, I do not.  I am part of what is and of what will always be.  I am an Eternal Being.”

“And why are you here?” asks the old woman.

“I am here to learn, to experience life, and to love.  Most importantly to love.  Because to love is to learn and experience life to it’s full extent.  Love is the secret of life.” states the Eternal Being with conviction.

“And so it is,” agrees the old woman.

The two of them sit in the quiet companionship of a teacher and a former student.  A former student who now shares all the knowledge the teacher had to give.

Tiny Change 52:  Share the secret of life.

Who are you, and why are you here?

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to be afforded the time to reflect and introspect.

Separate but Precious

Day 51 of 365 Tiny Changes

The last few days I have been watching quite a bit of television.  When I watch TV, I   channel flip, looking for that show that really catches my interest. 

I landed on a show that I could only watch a few minutes of, before I just had to move on.  The show was “Wife Swap”.  This reality show takes the mom from one household and switches her with the mom from another household, usually in a completely different part of the country, geographically and economically.  The film crew then follows these women around filming the chaos that ensues.  At the end of the show the wives are reunited with their husbands and the two couples sit down to give each other advise.  This part normally doesn’t go too well.  How dare someone who has actually walked in their shoes and lived their lives for a few weeks, literally, have any suggestions about how things could be done differently.  Oh, the silliness of huge egos.

The episode I landed on had a New Age wife swapped with a Cowboy wife.  What struck me was the husbands.  The New Age husband was a lot different than most of the men I have had experience dealing with, but he seemed to be very open minded about a lot of things.  The Cowboy wasn’t.  The Cowboy was a chauvinist.  I detest chauvinists.  That's when I flipped the channel.

I try not to be judgemental about other people and their beliefs, but I draw the line at male chauvinism, because it is a form of prejudice aimed at women.  

Women and men are both human.  We are built differently, and we think differently, because our use for the continuation of our species is different.  The fact is, we could not complete the job of procreation without  both parties.  Thus we are equally important.  Different but equal.

This phrase, different but equal, has been used in reference to different races, also.  However, the point doesn’t seem to have stuck with most people.  Maybe we need a different phrase that describes more fully that we are all human.  We all have a purpose, and that no one gender, race, or creed, should put themselves above anyone else.

I propose, “Different but Precious.” 

Webster’s defines precious as being valuable, highly esteemed or cherished.  What if we were to look at every other human being as being valuable?  What if we were to hold every other human being with our highest esteem?  What if we were to cherish every other human being?  Just imagine how different our world would be.

Let’s bring the thought closer to home.  What if every day you were to let your family know that you held them as being precious to you?  How would you treat your spouse, your children, even your dog?

I hear you.  You’re thinking how can I hold my family as precious when they argue, fight, and create dirty laundry?  It’s definitely a shift in your thinking.

When you look at your spouse, or child, sleeping, do you get that warm all over feeling?  The feeling that you are so happy that they are a part of your life, and that you don’t know where you would be or what you would do without them?  In that moment, they are precious to you.  You truly cherish them, and know that you would do anything to protect them.

Somehow, you have to capture that feeling, so that you can recall it when you need it.  Like when you’ve just matched and folded your 500th pair of white socks, or when you’ve just cleaned the kitchen and your teenager decides he’s going to create his 6th meal of the day and make a huge mess, that he doesn’t even consider cleaning up on his own.  Those times, when they frustrate you the most, are when you need to be able to recall how precious they are to you.

In my opinion, if we hold someone as being separate but precious, we certainly don’t hold them as being subordinate to us.  We don’t expect them to serve us and put our needs above their own. 

When I hold someone as being separate but precious, I want to encourage them to seek out the things that please them, and give their life meaning.   I want to be supportive of them, while keeping my own identity and life purpose. 

This isn’t easy.  As humans our egos seem to play a huge role in how we see and treat others.  There are examples that we can study and refer to for guidance such as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, The Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus, to name a few of the most well known.  You’ll notice they are all dead. 

Who is our current leader in the fight against prejudice and forced inequality?  Is it you?

Does the thought scare you?  Is it because it appears to be such a huge task to end prejudice and forced inequality world wide? 

Well, then don’t think so big.  Think about this moment, right where you are.  Think about the false judgments you hold about other genders, other races, other creeds.  Throw out those thoughts. 

Move forward into the next moment with a new thought, one of equality for all.  A thought that cherishes all of human kind. 

Thoughts become behaviors.  Behaviors have ripple effects.  The more people you treat with love and respect, the more the people who have received your love and respect will treat others with love and respect. 

Changing the world does start with you.  Every belief you hold and action you take has the potential to change the world for the better or for the worse.  It’s your choice.

Do you understand how powerful you truly are?

Tiny Change 51:  Embrace my power and treat others as the precious beings they are.

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to live in a country where race, creed, and gender, equality is legislated, if not quite yet lived to fruition.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Experiencing the Moment

Day 50 of 365 Tiny Changes

I like to read.  I read a lot.  I read all sorts of topics.  My favorites are mysteries and self actualization.

Notice I didn’t write self-help.  I don’t agree with this categorization of this type of book.  It’s a little condescending.  I’m not saying that I don’t need a little help with life now and again, because I do.  I am saying, I usually read this type of book looking for ideas or insight to life life a little better, not help, persay. 

I’ve read this type of book since I discovered them, sometime in the early 80’s.  This is one of the only types of books that I buy, because if I find the book has some good advise I like to be able to go back and re-read it for clarification or further insights.  With mystery books, once I know the ending, I always know the ending, so reading them more than once is less than suspenseful.

The books I’m reading now are somewhat esoteric.  More along the lines of true self and what not.  Most books I can read through pretty quickly, not this topic.  This topic requires some thinking breaks.  Time to allow the ideas to sink in.  It was on one of these thinking breaks that I had a thought.  It’s true.  A thought.  This thought is a thought I think is worth sharing.  So here it is.  If you’re ready...

We are living life way too fast. 

That’s it.  That’s my thought. 

So, because you’re in a hurray to get on with what ever you have to do next, you’re going to skip right over this thought, instead of taking the time to share it with me.  But, I’m going to ask you to slow down, and take the time to think about this with me, anyway.

Beyond the obvious of one minute managing, fast cars, and even faster food, we are living life way too fast.  When was the last time you thought about what your were doing?  I mean really thought about what you were doing, this very moment.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, living in the moment.  I’m willing to bet you think you do. You think that you live in this moment, and the next moment, and the next, and the next, and the next.  Until they all run together into one long, lived out, day.

THAT is why I’m going to change the phrase to “experiencing the moment”.  You’ll see the difference.  I promise.

Right now.  STOP.  Stop everything.  Stop reading, stop moving, stop thinking.  Close your eyes and feel.  Feel the pressure of your behind on your seat.  Feel the waist band of your pants on your hips.  Feel the weight of your ankle crossed over the top of the other one.  Feel everything.  Go on, do it.  Close your eyes and just feel.

Now, close your eyes and listen.  Listen to your breathe, going in and out.  Listen to the phone in the next cubicle, ringing.  Listen to the door in your department, opening and closing.  Listen to your co-workers chatting.  Just listen.  Don’t interpret.  Don’t eavesdrop.  Just listen.

Now, open your eyes and just look.  Look at your desk.  Look at your cubicle walls and the things you have posted there.  Look at the ceiling.  Look out the window,  if you can.  Just look.  Don’t think.  Just absorb, the colors, the shapes, the light, the dark.  Suck it all in.

This feeling, listening, looking, is what experiencing the moment is all about. 

This morning, I put on my shoes.  But this morning, I didn’t just put on my shoes.  This morning I experienced putting on my shoes.  I felt my toe find it’s well worn place inside my shoe.  I felt my heel slide in against the back of the shoe.  I felt the slight tickle on my upper foot, as I straightened the tongue.  I felt the pressure of the shoe laces tightening.  Then, I felt the laces sliding against the skin of my fingers as I tied them.  This morning, I truly experienced putting on my shoes. 

I discovered that this exercises has become so rote that the only time I “feel” it is when something hurts, like tightening the laces, too tight, or tying the laces with a cut on my finger.

So much in life has gotten so routine that I only stop to pay attention to it when it hurts.  How terribly sad.

There is so much to be enjoyed in life, yes, even putting on my shoes this morning can be enjoyed.  If I take the time to pay attention and experience the sensations.  The cool part about this is that it doesn’t really take any more time.

We can still life our life at 150 miles an hour, we just have to hone our awareness.  We just have to learn to pay attention to all of the little wonderful sensations that we feel every day and currently ignore.  What is the point of pushing forward to the next moment while skipping over the enjoyable sensations of this moment? 

I can’t get stuck here.  The likelihood of my enjoying the sensations of putting on my shoes so much that I put them on and take them off over and over again, and sort of get stuck there, are slim to none.  So, why not, pay attention when I do it and enjoy it while I am completing the task? 

This experiencing the sensations of the moment, can be a part of every part of the day.  I can feel the pressure of the keys against my finger tips as I type this.  When I receive a text message from someone, I can enjoy the feelings I get while reading the message, and the fleeting thought of, “Ain’t technology cool”, while I type my reply message.

Feeling sad and lonely?  Stop.  Feel the sensations of being alive, breathing, heart beating.  Listen to the hum of electricity, and the singing of the birds.  See the beauty that surrounds us.  Allow the feeling of becoming overwhelmed with the miracle that is life on this planet.

Tiny Change 50:  Hone my skills of experiencing the moment.

What experiences are you missing each and every moment of your life?

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to have the sensory preceptor's to enhance my life.

It's all about the Color

Day 49 of 365 Tiny Changes

I watch a lot of home improvement shows on TV.  I like to watch them to get ideas, or learn about new products, or learn how designers problem solve.  Some of these shows pretty much ignore the home owner.  They introduce them at the beginning of the show and then send them away until the big reveal at the end.  The shows I really enjoy, though, are the one’s that really work with or at least really interview the home owners.

One of my favorite “issues” that the designers come up against is a home owner that is afraid of color.  I like this issue, because I just don’t get it. 

What is it like to be afraid of color?  Do they own black and white TV’s?  Are their cars some version of gray?  Are all of their clothes tones of black and white?  This is a fear that is far beyond my comprehension.

Invariably though, the viewer discovers that the home owner really doesn’t have a true fear of color.  It’s more like they have a fear of choosing the “wrong” color.  Again, I don’t get it.

To me, color is color.  There are no “right” colors or “wrong” colors.  Some colors may be more pleasing to my particular senses.  I suppose, that would make the colors I don’t particularly like the “wrong” colors for me. However, the person standing next to me, you for example, may really love my “wrong” colors, so that would make those colors “right” colors for you.  Right?

Ultimately, the viewer discovers that the home owner actually has a case of WWOPT (What Would Other People Think?)  This I understand.  This illness is everywhere, it’s in every neighborhood, every walk of life.  It’s reached pandemic proportions.  It’s a horrible disease.  WWOPT stifles creativity, causes the victim to become judgemental, and generally makes the world boring beige.

The victims are all over my neighborhood.  I went for my walk this morning and witnessed the damage WWOPT causes.  My neighborhood was once a little town all its own.  At some point it was annexed into the larger city to the north.  I find it very interesting to walk through the neighborhood and look at the different styles of homes that exist there, because they tell the story of good economic times. 

The homes furthest to the north, Folk Victorian's, were built around 1900-1910.  There aren’t very many of these homes.  As I walk south, I come to the most popular version of homes in the neighborhood.  These homes were built between 1910 and 1930.  If you are at all into architecture types, you will know what I mean when I tell you that these homes are classic Arts and Crafts style homes.  As I move further south I come to the next most popular style homes that were built in the late 40’s, post WW II.  Finally, as I walk to the southern most area of our neighborhood I come to the newest homes built here.  Mid-Century Modern, built in the 50’s and early 60’s.

This was a working man’s neighborhood, and still is.  The homes are modest and the yards are small, and for the most part, well maintained.

Unless you are aware of all of the different types of architectural styles here, you would probably find a walk through my neighborhood boring.  There really isn’t much to look at.  Most of the homes are occupied by victims of WWOPT disease.  The majority of them are painted white.  There are a few that are beige and off white.  There is the occasional soft green home.  That’s it. 

Are you aware that color in infinite?  That’s right there are more colors out there than you will ever be able to enjoy in your life time.  Yet, the owners in my neighborhood have chosen to stick to the “safe” colors.  The neutrals.  Hundreds of homes.  Hundreds of opportunities for self expression and the entire neighborhood is stuck on the neutral palette.

I am here to tell you there is no such thing as an “unsafe” color.  These home owners are worried about what other people would think about their color choices.  How sad. 

I applaud the peoples of the Caribbean.  They paint their homes bright yellow and blue and even pink.  They aren’t “afraid” of a little color.  When I see these homes or even pictures of them, I think happy thoughts.  I imagine the people living in these homes must like to have fun and enjoy life.  When I walk through my neighborhood and look at the lack of color present, I think the people that live here are boring and maybe a little sad.

I propose that we should paint our houses our favorite color.  Imagine it.  You turn onto your street and see your home, bathed in your very most favorite color, in front of you, in all its glory.  You know that when you walk into your door you will be blanketed and protected by your favorite color.  Who wouldn’t feel safe and happy then?  No sad sacks in neutrals allowed.

I’m happy to report that our home is a stand out in our neighborhood.  Our home is a dark gray with teal blue shutters and awnings, and a raspberry front door.  Our house is adorable.  What do other people think?  Who cares?!  It’s our home and it makes us happy to walk through a raspberry colored door.

We have a couple of stand out neighbors, too.  The lady down the street painted her front door purple.  The man around the corner decided to house the cast of that movie about the gnomes.  He has every yard decoration and gnome ever created in his front yard and he named his place “Marty’s Hacienda”.  Tell me that man isn’t about having fun in life.

Of all the things one can choose to be afraid of in life, color is not one of them.  If we stop worrying about what other people think and go with the colors we love, we will be much happier and have the benefit of living in a much more colorful world.

Tiny Change 49:  I will strive to cure my WWOPT disease and go with the colors or other things in my life that I enjoy.

If you would paint your home your favorite color, what wonderful color would you come home to each day?  If this isn’t something that you want to rush out to do, maybe because it’s not a good idea to paint outside in the winter, what can you choose to make more colorful in your life?  Your shoes, your purse, your glasses, your underwear...?

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to have the gift of eyesight to be able to enjoy all the beautiful colors in the world.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dancing to the Music

Day 48 of 365 Tiny Changes

I’m not a huge follower of music.  I mean, I like it and all, but I never remember the lyrics to songs or who wrote them or when or who recorded them.  None of that really seems important to me.  What matters to me is whether I like the song or not.

However, every once in while, I get a song in my head that just won’t leave.  I’m serious.  When this happens, the song will stay in my head for DAYS.  I have dreams with the song in them, I wake up with the song in my head.  Every where I go, the song comes with me.

I have a song in my head right now.  It’s a current song playing on the radio, but I have no idea who the artist is or even what the lyrics are.  I have the melody in my head.  Maybe you will recognize it...

laaa Laa LA.
laaa Laa LA.

laaa Laa LA.
laaa Laa LA.



laaa Laa LA.
laaa Laa LA.

laaa Laa LA.
laaa Laa LA.

Know it?  This is what I have been living with for the last 3 days and nights.  It’s a really good thing I actually like this song.

I could fight against it.  Listen to other music, really loudly, to try to replace it with something else.  Or I could beat my head against a wall, in hopes that the ensuing headache would replace the repeating melody.

I’ve decided, instead to live with it.  I like the song.  It’s up beat.  It’s fun.  So I’m going to enjoy it while I have it.  I have taken time out to dance to it at least a half dozen times.  Twice today, already.

I wish life was more like the movies and we all had a mood setting soundtrack that played in our head.  Think about it.  How handy this would be?  For instance, let’s say we’re driving along, we hear nice soothing music, when suddenly the sound increases, the music gets more dramatic, then right as we’re about to get hit broad side in an intersection, the music gets all chaotic, with lots of cymbals clashing and drums banging.  Well, when this series began, we would know to pull over and get out of the car, for our own safety and maybe even the safety of our cars.

Going one step further, the sound track would be able to guide all of our actions.  Asleep on the couch, hear a sound upstairs, begin to climb the stairs.  Hint, hint.  If the music gets scary, DON’T CLIMB THE STAIRS.  Instead, go out side and go the direction that the music in your head directs you to go.  If you turn left, and the music is still scary, or worse, gets louder, then go right, until the music is softer and calmer.  I’ve always wondered why, with all that loud scary music playing, actors choose to climb stairs to trap them selves, when they could just as easily walk out the front door to wide open spaces and other non-scary humans.  I’m sure they get compensated well for being so addle brained.

How about going shopping?  We simply walk along the sidewalk, turn toward a store, reach for the door, and then listen to the music that plays in our head.  If it’s happy music, we may be in for a really good deal.  If it’s symphony music, we may be in for some really boring choices.  Let the music do the choosing.  Life would be a whole lot simpler this way.

So, that is what I’m going to do.  I’m no longer going to fight the song that randomly appears in my head.  I’m going to live with it.  Maybe even reflect on it a little.  This particular song is happy, so maybe I’m happy.  If the next song is a little sad, maybe something is making me a little sad.  Sometimes, I hear the Smurf song.  Don’t think I really want to reflect on that one, although I really have nothing against little blue people.

I think I’ll take this one step further.  I’m going to choose to live with some of the other little, somewhat annoying, things that pop up in my life.  You know, the kind of things I’m talking about.  Like when some one else sits down at my desk and moves my stuff.  Irritating.  But not really important in the overall experience of life.  Someone puts the dishes away in the wrong spot.  Bothersome.  Well, at least they got put away, and I didn’t have to do it.

Tiny Change 48:  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy the music.

What irritating little things can you learn to overlook.

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am truly blessed to be able to hear music of any kind.