Saturday, November 26, 2011

Progress Review

Day 15 of 365 Tiny Changes

OK, so I’m cheating.  I didn’t take the time to do a post, yesterday and I’m posting 2 entries, today.  I could have posted yesterday, after all, I was awake until 3 AM this morning. 

Sometimes, I just don’t feel tired enough to go to sleep.  I’ve stayed up for almost 48 hours, on occasion, because I just wasn’t tired.  Other times, I go to bed really tired, but wake up after 3 or 4 hours, feeling fully rested and ready to get on with my day.

These weird sleeping disturbances used to bother me.  I used to fear that I would be overly tired later in the day if I didn’t get my proper 8 hours of sleep.  I used to wonder why I wasn't sleeping "right".  I don’t worry any more.  I figure, my body knows what it needs, so I’ll just go with the flow, and see what I can accomplish in a longer day. 

Yesterday, I definitely had the time to post.  I just didn’t.  I think it was because I know I haven’t had a really good week of following through on my promised tiny changes.

It’s bad enough that I have to admit it to myself, but one of my tiny change commitments is to report my progress to my readers, who span all across the world.  I have to admit to the entire Internet that I am not following through.  Ugh!

This could be really embarrassing.  I could really beat myself up.  Call myself a failure.  Throw in the towel and give up the whole idea.  Why not?  I’m not being totally successful at what I’ve set out to accomplish, so why not quit?

But, I’m not embarrassed.  I’m not beating myself up.  I’m not a failure, and I’m certainly not throwing in the towel on this wonderful idea.  Why not?  Because I am determined to be totally successful at what I have set out to accomplish, and I can’t do that if I quit.

So, I had a so/so week.  Every day is a new day, and I can re-commit to my goal every day.  If I let a few tiny changes fall through the cracks for a day or two, it doesn’t really matter, I can catch up.  That’s the idea of making tiny changes.  None of these changes are so large that if I get behind I can’t catch up, quickly.

I’m attempting to form new habits.  Some are seeming a  little easier to incorporate into my day, than others.  That’s OK.  Breaking habits that are holding me back, and creating new habits that are more in line with the way I want to live my life, isn’t easy.

When I review the areas I’m having the most problems with, I noticed that it is the areas of relationships and health. 

I haven’t been very thankful to others.  Ironic, this was the week of Thanksgiving. 

I haven’t been eating my fresh fruit and veggies.  This is just laziness.  I haven’t felt like going to the grocery store to pick any up.

Today I will catch up on the thank you cards and messages, and recommit to doing this on a daily basis.

Today I will, also, recommit to eating the fresh fruit and veggies. 

Tiny Change 15:  Review progress and recommit to the promised tiny changes, daily.

Attempting to realign my life is a little more overwhelming than I had anticipated.  However, I think, by being kind and gentle with my self, and giving my self some room to adjust, I can be successful, and eventually, it won’t be overwhelming, because, it will be who I am.

Thank you for the world wide support I am receiving for my year long endeavor.  Please keep your comments and messages coming.  Your caring thoughts definitely make this easier.

Best Regards,


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