Friday, February 24, 2012


Day 53 of 365 Tiny Changes

Have you ever been driving along, talking on the phone, or listening intently to music, or even completely lost in your thoughts, only to come to, look around, and proclaim, “Crap, this is NOT where I want to be!”

What do you do?  Do you pull off to the side of the road and turn your car off?  Do you call your family and friends and tell them that you won’t be there because you’re not where you thought you should be?

I’m guessing, you either know where you want to be and make the proper turns to get back on the right road to get there, or if you do pull off, it’s to reprogram your GPS, or call for proper directions, so that when you start out again you know exactly where you’re going.

How about if you’re sitting at the kitchen table, and you see your kids playing outside, and you think about how much fun it would be to join them, realizing that sitting at the kitchen table isn’t where you want to be.  Do you continue to sit there and watch them, or do you get up and join them in their fun?  I’m assuming, you would get up and go outside to play.

What about if you go to work every day and do what you consider to be the rudiments of your job, then go home, eat dinner, then sit in front of the TV for hours, all the while thinking,  "This isn’t where I want to be in life."  What do you do?

I know what you do.  You just sit there.  Don’t you?

Why, when you aren’t at the location you are trying to get to, do you keep driving?  Why, if you see fun, do you move to join in?  Little things, right?

Then why, when it comes to the biggest thing of all, your life, you don’t move.  You just sit there.

You’re going to tell me that when you’re driving you have a final destination, or you would never gotten into your car in the first place.

You’re going to tell me that if you hadn’t witnessed the fun others were having, you never would have wanted to get up from the kitchen table. 

You’re going to tell me that you don’t know what you want out of life, you just know this isn’t it, so why get up from in front of the TV.

I call Bull Shit! 

You know exactly what you want. 

You either don’t believe you deserve it, or you’ve stuffed it so far down inside you that you’ve forgotten what it is.

Why?!  This is your LIFE!  You deserve everything you want or have ever wanted.

Why have you decided you don’t deserve it or will never have it?

Well, stop it!

Here’s what I believe.  I believe you have to believe.  You have to believe that you deserve the life you want.  You have to believe that you can have the life that you want. 

I mean really BELIEVE.  BELIEVE with all your heart and soul.  BELIEVE it with every fiber of your being.

Then you have to go out and get it.

Yes, it’s that simple.

But first, you might want to examine what it is you really want. 

If it’s a new Jaguar, what is it about the Jaguar that you want.  It’s probably not the engine and the leather seats that you really want.  It’s probably the feeling of freedom you imagine you’ll have while speeding down the highway.  It may be the statement you perceive you’ll be making when others see you driving it, something like, “Hey look at me, in my new Jaguar.  I’ve arrived!”

If you want to take a vacation, to get away from it all.  Is it the new venue or is it the sense of adventure or the sense of peace and tranquility you would get from the type of vacation you are imagining?

Is it a bigger home you want?  Is it for the increased space or is it the dream of the perfect, loving, tight knit, family that you feel the home will produce?

I believe that many of the material things we wish we had are really our manifestations of our emotions.  Some where along the line we decided that we don’t deserve to feel free,  or have adventures, or a perfect family, unless we have the new car, are taking vacations to beautiful parts of the world, or have that McMansion.

I’m not saying that those things aren’t great to have, because I would love to have every one of them.  I do waiver between an adventurous vacation and a peaceful and tranquil vacation, though.

What I’m saying is that you may not need all of these material things to obtain the emotional fulfillment you are really looking for.

I am even going to be daring and say that you may even be able to get some of these emotions while sitting in front of the TV.  Yes, I said it.  TV does not have to be the wasteland of the mind.  If given proper reverence, the TV could be your gateway to the perfect family time.

Imagine, all of you cuddled close in front of the TV, in your PJ’s, with big bowls of popcorn, lights off, watching the movie you were so excited to see again, after all these years.  This time, to share it with the people you love the most.  Does that sound like the perfect loving, tight knit family, or what?

How about the adventurous vacation?  Do you really need to get far away to find adventure?  Have you researched all the adventures you can find close to home, on a Sunday afternoon? 

I live in a mid-sized city.  Near me are rock climbing walls, ghost hunting tours, sky diving schools, and hot air balloon rides.  All of these sound pretty adventurous to me.  Oh yeah, there’s even a Zip Line Adventure I purchased for my self, my Significant Other, and my Grandson, as a Christmas present.  Adventure is where you look for it.

If you really need the great car to feel that sense of arrival, but can’t afford the purchase price, well then maybe you can rent it for the weekend.  Then just get it in and drive your ya-ya’s out.  Make sure you give everyone you know a ride in it.  That way you get to see their surprise when you drive up, and feel the freedom as you wave good-bye when you drop them off.

Your life is happening now.  Right now!  If you aren’t truly living it, you may be missing your entire lifetime.  This moment is what you have.  Tomorrow is not promised.   Get up, get going, and LIVE!

Tiny Change 53:  I will not spend more than an hour a day in unplanned TV time.

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to be able to recognize my blessings.

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