Friday, December 9, 2011

robyn's closet and lost treasures

Day 29 of 365 Tiny Changes

I was going through some paperwork, yesterday, and discovered a dry cleaning ticket, from July.

I was being proactive and took a winter suit into the dry cleaners in the middle of the summer, so that I would have it, all nice and clean, for when the cold weather hit, again.  I promptly forgot about it.

Yesterday, I picked it up.  As I’m pulling into the parking lot I see a shop I’ve never seen before.  It’s called robyn’s closet.  I do think of myself as sort of a seeker of thriftiness, and with a name like robyn’s closet, I thought, perhaps, I had stumbled upon a new thrift or consignment shop.  robyn’s closet is a consignment shop.  Hurray!

My sister, Joyce, turned me on to consignment and thrift shopping.  She is ever the thrifty one.  I was never one to consider shopping in these stores until about 2 years ago.  When I, finally, understood the benefits of shopping this way, it was like opening a treasure chest, full of all kinds beautiful clothes, trinkets, and furniture.  All for a steal of a deal!

When I entered Robyn’s shop, (yes, the owners name is Robyn) I was immediately greeted by a smiling, easy going, lady.  I was speaking with, none other, than Robyn.

We chatted for a while, in the shop clerk and customer type of chit chat.  Then we really started to talk.  It turns out that Robyn is a very courageous woman.  She is a bit older than me.  Earlier this year she had enough of her corporate  job and one day just quit.  Sound familiar?  I did the same thing last year.  Robyn was a bit, well a lot, more proactive than me.  She opened her new shop within a few months of quiting her old job. 

Robyn told me that when she quit, she didn’t even know she wanted to open a consignment shop.  Apparently, the stars aligned themselves for her and here she is, five months into small business ownership.

Robyn had the courage to leap without a net, and the faith to know that somehow she would find her way to a soft landing.

Robyn has the opportunity to speak with a lot of people in her shop.  She told me she is hearing a rumor, even a rumble, about a movement that is taking shape.  She tells me her gut is telling her to believe in it’s truth.  She is hearing that 2012 will be the Year of the Woman.

I feel it, too.  I’m not sure about every woman.  I am sure about this woman.  2012 will definitely be my year, and Robyn’s, too.

How does one join this movement?  I’ll put your mind at ease.  You don’t have to quit your job, if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to give up everything you hold near and dear to travel with the movement while it marches on city halls.  I truly don’t see this movement taking that path at all.

In order to join this movement, you do need to make a commitment.  You must commit to yourself that you are going to seek out that which you love, and then partake in it. 

Do you love to sew?  Then dig out the old sewing machine, dust it off and create something for yourself.  Do you love nature?  Then dig out your hiking boots from the back of your closet, put them on and visit your nearest park for an hour of communing with nature.  Do you enjoy food?  Then dig out your favorite recipe book and cook something or sign up for a cooking class.  If you love to shop, but are on a tight budget, then visit your nearest consignment shop or thrift store and discover all the wonderful treasures awaiting you, there.

2012 can be a year of renewal.  It can be a year of re-discovering those things and activities you love and used to enjoy doing.  You may ask yourself why you ever quit doing these things in the first place. 

You may discover just why you did quit.  Maybe the old activity just doesn’t fit you anymore.  In that case, take your gear and donate it, or consign it, so that someone else can discover, and enjoy it.  Then go out and find something that does fit who you are, now.  What ever it is, make sure it makes you feel good, and gives you the feeling of being renewed.

As a whole, women tend to put their needs off in order to take care of others.  I believe that a woman can not take care of others, properly, until she takes care of herself, first.  2012 can be our year to put our needs first.  We deserve it.

Tiny Change 29:  Make time to scrap book, again.

If you would like to meet Robyn and visit her shop, robyn’s closet, you can find her at 11935 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45231,  (513) 674-1800.  You can also visit her web site at:

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Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to be able to meet courageous people any time I walk out of my front door.

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