Friday, December 30, 2011

Talent: All Used Up

Day 40 of 365 Tiny Changes

It’s time to add another virtual member to my Master Mind Group. 

In my posting titled “A Life of Purpose”, I chose Napoleon Hill as my first member.  He is considered the father of the modern self-help movement.  He also struggled personally and financially throughout his life time, which, in my opinion, lends credence to his writings.  He believed that in order to lead a successful life, one needed to discover or choose his purpose for being here, and then pursue it tenaciously, but morally. 

I agree with him and have become a huge fan of his writings.

To balance Mr. Hill’s disciplined, principled advise, I need someone who is able to see the lighter side of life.  Someone who understands the life and times I was raised in, and can see the fun and irony of day to day living.

I also need a woman’s point of view.  Mr. Hill did a lot of his research and writings while women were fighting for the right to vote, and men controlled almost everything in America.  I need a woman with a little more modern point of view.

The woman I have chosen for my virtual Master Mind Group is Erma Bombeck. 

Erma Bombeck was a American Humorist, who wrote a newspaper column 2 to 3 times a week.  Her column was one of the first things I learned to enjoy reading in a newspaper, after the funnies, of course.

When I was growing up, we received our newspaper in the late afternoon.  Waiting for dinner, I would often open the paper to the funnies, read them, then move on to Erma Bombeck’s column, and then, if I had time before dinner, I might read the front page.  Obviously, the lighter side of the newspaper held more interest to me then the current events.

Her column held much more allure for me, when I found out she was a home town girl, she even went to the same high school as my ex-husband, and the same college my Mother graduated from.  She got her start in the very newspaper I was reading.  She was “discovered” while living in a suburb about 20 minutes south and very similar to the one I grew up in. During my research of her life, I discovered we also share the same birthday.

She was my parent’s age, so I think her writing started to open my eyes to how my parents were viewing the world, but with a funny twist.  My parent’s rarely pointed out the irony of situations that Erma did.

During her career, she wrote books, appeared as a regular guest of radio and TV shows.  She even wrote a couple of sitcoms.

Mrs. Bombeck was also very involved with the Equal Rights Amendment.  As a female entering the work force during the 70’s I was very aware of this Amendment and the political turmoil it was causing.  There were a lot of strong voices supporting this Amendment, and in the end, when it didn’t get ratified, both Mrs. Bombeck and I were very disappointed.  To this day, with women still earning  70 cents to every dollar men earn, for the same job, I believe we need an Amendment like the ERA.  But I digress.

Erma Bombeck was a household name while I was growing up.  She died in 1996 of complications from a kidney transplant.  She was 64 years old.

While researching her life I ran across the following quote:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.'"

I truly believe she had a lot more humor to share when she left us, but I know she did her best to share everything she had.

It is through her sense of humor and irony that I hope to gain a lighter perspective of my life and what I am trying to accomplish during my life time.  I hope that I will be given enough time to use up every bit of talent I have.

Tiny Change 40:  Begin to build a library of Napoleon Hill and Erma Bombeck books for reference purposes.

Who do you turn to when you need to find the lighter side of a situation?

Best Regards,


Tiny Blessing of the Day:  I am blessed to have access to good eye care, so that I can see clearly and am able to enjoy the skill of reading.

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